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2011 ATOA Vendor Show

Come see us at the 2011 Arizona Tactical Officers Association Vendor Show! We’ll have a new line of vests, shields, wireless lights, SIRT Training pistols, tactical solar power systems…and FREE fresh-roasted coffee!

90th birthday wishes for Art Klein: Marine, Wake Island POW

Folks, we received an email from a friend about Marine Art Klein who will turn 90 on Oct. 16th. Mr. Klein was captured by the Japanese on Wake Island and held as a POW from 1941-1945 His only son is … Continue reading

Having problems with your Gen4 Glock recoil spring? Free replacement!

Saw this on, thought it might help some of you with Gen4 issues. Apparently, Glock is willing to replace your recoil spring assembly if you send back your pistol (shipping included). Read here for more details: Glock Announces Voluntary … Continue reading

Doing Good: Task Force Dagger Foundation

We wanted you all to know about a great group of people who run the Task Force Dagger Foundation that supports USASOC personnel. 95 cents out of every dollar donated goes to the soldiers in need! 2nd Annual TFD Raffle … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Tactical Wireless Technology!

Brent demonstrates a new wireless technology system for the tactical field that we think will revolutionize how you fight! The system can be used not only for lights, but can control COMs and anything else you may need up to … Continue reading