90th birthday wishes for Art Klein: Marine, Wake Island POW

Art Klein

Folks, we received an email from a friend about Marine Art Klein who will turn 90 on Oct. 16th. Mr. Klein was captured by the Japanese on Wake Island and held as a POW from 1941-1945 His only son is currently deployed overseas, and was wondering if some friends would be able to send his father well wishes. If you would like to send Art a message here is the address  of his care home:

Art Klein
2137 Wyoming Ave
Billings, MT 59102

Link to the Billings Gazette Article: http://billingsgazette.com/news/local/article_51f0e7bf-b17b-5f89-9af2-5a5a506b2c2a.html#ixzz1ZMFVlwGx

We just wanted to pass this along. Thanks!

-Matt, Brent & Jon

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