Rapid Deployment Shield featured on PoliceOne.com!

The folks over at PoliceOne did a great write-up on our Rapid Deployment Shield in their “For Cops, by Cops” section:

Business Name: San Tan Gear

Product: Rapid Deployment Shield

Officer/ Department: Deputy Sheriff Brent Grove /Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office / U.S. Marine Corps veteran
Website: www.santangear.com

What is your signature product?
The Rapid Deployment Shield (RDS) is a light weight, collapsible, rapid deployment Level IIIA ballistic shield.  We have also developed another version — the Personal Defense Shield (PDS) — which is made of two panels instead of four. It’s made with a mixture of Kevlar and Dyneema which allow the shields to be as light as possible.

Where did the idea come from?
One night on patrol I responded to a 999 call — possible suicide — and it was a lady with a gun. We were trying to talker own without being in harm’s way but we had to be exposed in some fashion to talk with her. I remember that night not putting a hard shield in the patrol car because the lack of storage space. I sat there thinking if I had that shield, I could get closer.”

Read the rest of the story at PoliceOne.com (click on picture)

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Law Enforcement Day Cow Town

We are sponsoring a Law Enforcement Day at Cow Town Range, AZ on April 17 and inviting you to join us. We have a wide variety of vendors that will showcase their unique products ranging from Tracking Point rifle systems to Can-Am and RALLY FIGHTER.

We’ll also have a friendly shooting competition for anyone interested in participating. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who you think may be interested in joining us. We ask that you RSVP by April 10, so we can plan accordingly.

You can RSVP by contacting us HERE:

Hope to see you there!

Directions to Cowtown:

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KYDEX Holsters – Custom Made

We have custom made Kydex holsters available in the most popular models.  They are hand made for us by a competitive shooter who has an eye for detail.  Check it out.http://www.santangear.com/shop/category/kydex-holsters-and-magazine-holders/

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N82tactical Holsters (IWB)

Like most inventions, our holsters were created out of necessity. After trying many of the same holsters that our customers have carried, we decided to design a holster that could not only be carried all day, but could be carried all day comfortably.

Click to enlarge

Comfort was our biggest motivation in the design of our unique holsters. Each Series of Nate Squared Tactical holsters are made from quality oil-tanned leather, neoprene, and suede leather. Each holster is hand crafted to ensure the highest quality possible. We firmly stand behind the quality & craftsmanship of every holster we build.

  • The oil-tanned leather will provide a durable, yet safe contact for the handgun.
  • The soft suede backing allows your skin to breathe, so even when you sweat against the holster, it will still feel cool. The natural friction coefficient of suede displaces a percentage of the weight of your firearm. This allows you to carry the firearm without it’s total weight pulling down against your waistband. It is the suede that allows us to utilize a design with a single clip.
  • Neoprene is sandwiched between the oil-tanned leather and the suede leather. The neoprene provides the padding to protect you from the various edges of the firearm (slide, rear sight, hammer, beavertail, etc.) even when sitting in a vehicle, but also protects your investment. Neoprene (what wetsuits are made of) is waterproof, creating a moisture barrier that will not allow sweat or skin acids to come in contact with your handgun.
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