Honoring our fallen: National Police Week 2011

FBI Director Mueller’s Police Week 2011 Address:

At San Tan Gear we greatly appreciate the men and women in law enforcement for what they do everyday. This week is National Police Week 2011. As a police officer, I know there is nothing better than when someone comes up to you and says”Thank you for everything you do.” It truly motivates officers and gives them a kick start for the rest of their shift. So next week as we honor officers that have fallen, have served, and currently on the job. I encourage everyone the next time you see one on duty just go up and tell how much you appreciate what they do everyday. You will feel better and you will make an officer’s day!


In support of National Police Week, our STG Law Enforcement shirt is on sale for $14.95.

Thank you again to all our Law Enforcement professionals who have served and sacrificed!

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