“Official” Disclaimer:

Not all of these links are official “Partners” with STG: we really just wanted to call this page something other than “Links.”

Organizations We Support:

National Rifle Association

National Shooting Sports Foundation

U.S.M.C. Force Recon Association

Navy SEAL Foundation

Wounded Wear

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation

Training / Security Organizations:

Sayeret Group International (Owned by a friend) is a private military company (PMC) providing specialized services and conflict resolution to elements within both the government and private sectors. SGI only provides these services to governments and legitimate organizations recognized by the United States of America and entities that conform to the laws and regulations established by the United Nations.
SGI services include:

  • Specialized consulting services to professional organizations, corporations and governments.
  • Services for problem/conflict resolution.
  • Professional training programs for Law Enforcement, Military and select professionals in the privateĀ  sector.
  • Bulletproof Securities

    Bulletproof Securities is a tier-one security company that is also owned by a friend of ours. All of their employees are highly-trained professionals from either top military or law enforcement units. From VIP bodyguard services to Border Security Protection, you simply won’t find a better security option in AZ.

    Great Products We Use:

    Corps Strength

    Corps Strength is hands-down our favorite fitness program! Designed by Marine Master Gunz Paul Roarke, this program will work forĀ  anyone from Grandma to a high-speed door kicker, and keep them in a “Working Fitness” lifestyle. The book is a fun read, and a no B.S. approach to keep you in great shape!

    Update: Paul is currently training for the “Death Race” at age 50!

    AZ Businesses:

    Emerging Tactical Solutions

    Pat is a friend of ours, and a great guy. Even though we provide some of the same products, check out his site- if you support our friends, you support us!

    Bergies Coffee Roast House

    STG coffees are custom roasted for us by Bergies Roast House in Gilbert, AZ. Bergies is owned & operated by two brothers, Brian and Bruce. Not only do they know their coffees, but they’re also really great guys! We’re glad to work with them, and we encourage you to check them out if you’re in Gilbert!

    San Tan Flat Saloon & Grill

    San Tan Flat is a favorite hangout of ours, and a great Pro-America, Pro-2nd Amendment AZ business that we hope you’ll support if you’re in the Queen Creek, AZ area. Check out our blog review!