Wireless Lights – More Kellan wireless light systems

We’ve added a few new systems.  http://www.santangear.com/shop/category/wireless-light-systems/

The KOMAK AK Rifle Upgrade Kit combines the ability to mount a flashlight and Weaver/Picatinny compatible optics on your AK with the capability to wirelessly control the flashlight using the integrated buttons on the included US PALM AK Battle Grip. http://www.santangear.com/shop/ak-47-wireless-rifle-light/

Kellan’s wireless light system are the first and only handheld weapon mounted LED tactical flashlights in the world equipped with a wireless remote control system through Binary Rail Panel so the remote can be put anywhere on a Picatinny rail system. The LED flashlight also gives the user the option to control the light manually.     http://www.santangear.com/shop/us-brp-binary-rail-panel-wireless-remote-kit/

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